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"For the Lifestyle without Limitations"

About CBrace by SRoyale

SRoyale is the inventor and developer of the Cuff Brace, also branded the CBrace, an edge-defining cuff embellishment used for securing French cuffs.  Unlike cufflinks, which has been the only available option on the market since the 17th Century, the CBrace provides a finished look to the French cuff because its frame secures the cuff's edge.

In today's fashion World, shirts with French cuffs are the top choice for the well-dressed man. Cufflinks are normally worn with French cuff shirts. 1. Cufflinks pinch the cuffs together at the eyeholes but do not define the edge of the cuff, which allows the eye to adjust with every arm movement.  2. Because of this and the way cufflinks are designed, cufflinks can easily fall off of the cuff.  Most men lose at least one cufflink, which is the scenario of one on the wrist while the other gets lost in transition or somewhere in the home, hotel, etc.

"For the Lifestyle Without Limitations".

The CBrace was developed by visionary Shedrick Roya'le, Founder and CEO of S. Royale by Shedrick Roya'le. The myriad variety shaped, styled, patterned, color, metal, wood, and gem CBrace Studs sleekly link the buttonholes of a cuff. The CBrace striking and innovative custom Frames, invisible Frames, or valuable metal or wood Frames adorned with precious stones and intricately carved embeddings, gently clasp, cover, and embellish the cuff’s edge for a flawless finish. Who would wear CBrace? Those who are well dressed, prestigious, and highly luxurious with fine taste and social grace would wear it. Why would one wear CBrace? Most would wear CBrace for a clean finish while others would merely sport it for fashion. When would CBrace be worn? It would be worn: at formal events; for business junctures; and on those frequent “transform-my-ordinary-shirt-into-a-more-elegant or-modest-style” occasions. How is CBrace worn? This globally worn collectible accessory is effortlessly placed on cuffs with three simple motions. Easier to affix than cufflinks, the CBrace preserves craftsmanship without compromising perfection. Revolutionize your experience with a purveyor of style and gentle elegance.

Transcending the standard, CBrace by S. Royale introduces a new trend within the profitable fine jewelry and fashion industries, targeting and attracting Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) Worldwide. The CBrace is the only edge-defining cuff embellishment and alternative to cufflinks on the market. Available primarily in sterling silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and custom wood, SRoyale offers classic, modern, and exclusive CBrace designs that prominent fashion boutiques, department stores, retailers and manufactures will want to stock and or distribute internationally but at present, the CBrace is only available exclusively at:

Every product we sell can be worn by Kings and is made for those whose status in life, affords them the ability to collect the extreme luxuries in life.

"At SRoyale, You're not buying our fashion... You're Investing in our Collections."


SRoyale: The Ultimate Status Symbol

Shedrick Roya'le